Hikvision Distributor Dubai

Security system requirements vary. That is where Hikvision designs rules the CCTV cameras industry as their designs are tailored to meet various requirements of specific domain of industry. Hikvision IP cameras are an ideal option for professional applications, as they bring intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to security surveillance. Today all types of network or IP cameras are available in the market. However, the crucial part for the success of your security surveillance system is the selection of right cameras. With so many options.

Because of increasing theft and crimes security has become a major concern for homes and business now. Businesses are force to take advanced security measures to protect its environment and its employees by installing CCTV surveillance to have a reliable security coverage.

Why Hikvision IP Cameras to scale up your security!

Hikvision is known to be the pioneers in the manufacturing of IP cameras that offers better picture quality and installation flexibility.  Hikvison IP cameras can easily meet the high performance and storage requirements of enterprise projects. By rendering high-quality images in low light conditions – while minimizing storage and bandwidth requirements. Hikvision network cameras are the ideal choice for hundreds of applications scenarios.

Our experienced technicians at Zane wave telecommunication have vast expertise in developing a full-fledged CCTV solutions in Dubai and other parts of UAE covering almost all industries ranging from corporates, retail markets, health care and education institutions. We take pride in ourselves by successfully completing many installation projects across vivid domains with the Hikvison IP cameras in Dubai.

The Hikvision IP cameras are out in the market with various models to help you bring you the result you have wanted. Designed for unique, specialized purposes and scenarios. Hikvison IP Camera series are integral to reliable network surveillance solutions that requires more than a standard network cameras can offer. Hikvision network cameras includes product range of Bullet network camera, Dome network camera, Turret network camera, Pinhole covert network camera, PanoVu network camera, Box network cameras.

Hikvision Bullet IP Camera

This series contains several models and is suitable for environments needing optimum surveillance and good outcomes. These models are highly effective in terms of cost and produce high-performance results. Clear 3MP images can be obtained in both day and night times.

Hikvision Bullet IP Camera

Hikvison Panoramic Camera

The panoramic Hikvision series offers a cohesive design that allows to capture the images in panoramic view and optical zoomed images at the same time. These cameras offer a 360-degree panoramic view at high resolution. It is very much suited for the industries where the full view is required.

Hikvision Panoramic Camera

Hikvision Box Camera

Box cameras from Hikvision allows to capture images at good resolution and it features the day and night operation with the help of an IR cut filter. The support for MPEG4, MJPEG and H.264 compression makes it a good choice for the high utilization of network bandwidth.

Hikvision Box Camera

Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) from Hikvison are traditional DVRs specially designed for Analog Surveillance system. With advanced digital recording capabilities of video analytics and remote access over the networks offered by Hikvison it becomes a favorable choice for any Analog surveillance system.

Hikvision Digital Video Recorder


Every Hikvison kit includes the video recording module (NVR) and the cameras. Moreover, each kit can come in packages that consist of 2, 4, or even 8 cameras, allowing to customize your security needs as required. More importantly, you can meet your security requirements using a single kit.


Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder are designed to manage and store the recording in an effective way and are reliable in nature to deliver quality performance. Hikvision NVRs are remotely accessible through LAN and Internet. With any IP Solutions Hikvision NVRs serves as the best option with a good performance.

A major shift in the security arena is happening with the technology is widely used in Dubai. Now most of the organization have switch their security systems with IP networks cameras from analog systems. Installing IP cameras offers them many benefits from cutting the cost of installation and the functionality. It offers continuous and consistent monitoring, recording and analysis with remote viewing from anywhere. As a leading CCTV solution provider, we promise to deliver the best CCTV system installation services in Dubai and other parts of emirates such as Sharjah, Ajman, Ras-Al-Khaimah, and Abu Shabi.