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Annual Maintenance Contract

High Quality Annual IT Support Contract by Zane Wave Telecommunication

Annual maintenance contract is an effective method available for you to manage the systems or services that you have in your business. You can get them serviced on time and make sure that they function properly and contribute towards your day to day work.

We are living in a competitive world and it is important to ensure quality in whatever we do. In the meantime, we also expect a high level of performance from the computers, machines and other accessories. To get the most out of machines, we should focus on regular maintenance. Then we can eliminate the risk factor associated with unwanted breakdowns. These breakdowns can be costly than you expect because you will end up with a complete breakdown in the entire telecom or IT infrastructure.

When you sign the annual maintenance contract with us, you don’t need to worry about it too much. We will focus on maintenance and you just need to proceed with the day to day work, which you have to manage. Our maintenance contracts are extremely flexible as well. We can negotiate the contract beforehand and see how to move forward.

Why should you sign the annual maintenance contract with us?

We are not the only security service provider in Dubai for you to go ahead and sign an annual maintenance contract. However, there are plenty of reasons for you to sign the contract with us. In fact, signing the contract with us can provide you with the opportunity to experience a range of extra benefits.

Our company has a team of experts, who have a clear understanding about the work that they do. They can provide you with smart maintenance services, which will cater to all your requirements. We will keep on providing continuous support to your company and make sure that you are capable of getting all the work done in a timely manner.

  • IT engineer assigned to look after your needs.
  • Preventative maintenance carried out every Month.
  • Expert phone support with remote access.
  • Expert IT advice on purchases or any technical support.
  • Visibility, IT reports emailed weekly by our helpdesk.
  • Response time of 3 hours or less, No Hidden Costs.
  • Honest, clear descriptions of IT issues as they occur.
  • Qualified Microsoft – Linux – Cico engineers.
  • Standard cost, part time salary with full IT company backup.
  • Windows & Linux Server,  Router, Email, Printer Issues etc.
  • User PC problems, Monthly management review.
  • Internal IT health check, best IT Services Dubai.

Services Offered By Us

We offer a variety of services under the annual maintenance contract. Here’s a quick overview of those services. All these services are flexible and you can customize them according to the specific requirements that you have in your mind.

CCTV Installation and Maintenance

We are experts for CCTV installation in Dubai. In addition to that, we can help you with CCTV maintenance with our annual contract as well. This contract has been designed to help you overcome all sorts of technical glitches that you will come across with CCTV systems. No matter how complex your CCTV system is, our CCTV installation and maintenance team can get the job done with ease. Therefore, you can keep on running your business flawlessly.

We can also provide CCTV installation and maintenance services to a variety of camera types. They include: Box cameras, IR cameras, Indoor Outdoor cameras, Dome cameras, IP cameras, Day and night vision cameras.

We have been helping a large number of commercial establishments with CCTV installation in Dubai. They include government offices, corporates, educational institutes, IT companies and many other large-scale establishments. With the CCTV installation and maintenance annual contract, you can overcome the pain of managing them. We will take care of the job and all you have to do is to experience the benefits that come to you with the CCTV system.

Network Solutions Services

We provide outstanding IT infrastructure and communication services for the businesses in need. Your IT infrastructure and overall business operations rely on the computer network. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is functioning at its best condition at all times. We have a proven expertise in providing all kind of wired and wireless networking solutions. We can help you ensure that with the help of annual maintenance contract.

You can overcome all glitches in the network and make sure that traffic is optimized throughout. Therefore, you will be able to get your work done with ease. We will also assess the security of your network with the annual maintenance contract. As a result, you can keep the peace of mind because you know that your network is protected from all external threats. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to maintain business integrity as well.

PBX/PABX Installation Services

When you want to streamline communications within your company, you need to think about getting a PBX telephone service installed. It can help you to get connected with colleagues in different teams with ease and get your work done within a short period of time.

With the help of a PBX telephone installation, you will be able to connect all the telephone extensions of users to a Public Switched Telephone Network. In addition to that, your business will be provided with the opportunity to maintain a minimum number of telephone trunk lines among users. You will also be able to reduce the expenses and improve business efficiency with the assistance of PBX telephone installation service. Our annual maintenance contract covers that as well. You just need to go for it and get the benefits that come on your way.

Cordless Telephone Repairing Services

Cordless telephones are more vulnerable to breakdowns when compared to traditional phone lines. Hence, special attention has to be paid towards their maintenance. The annual maintenance contract we offer can assist you with that as well. We will take a look at all the cordless telephones that you have in your company. If there are any issues, we can help you to get them fixed.