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Wireless Network Solutions


Wireless Network Installation and Setup

Can you tell what wireless solution is right for you?  Wireless G, Wireless N, Access Points, Range Extenders, Antenna and so on. So many to choose from. We have installed hundreds of wireless network and after years of experience we are confident we can recommend what is best for you.

At Zane Wave Telecommunication, we have certified technicians prepared to assist you with getting your data networks up and running quickly. Our experienced group of consultants and network technicians, if necessary, are available seven days a week to provide assistance on all aspects of your wired or wireless network installation. We offer wireless networking setup and support services including in-house wireless setups as well as point to point wireless setups between buildings.

Reliable, simple, seamless and secure
wireless connectivity anywhere

Our Solutions are designed for the most challenging indoor and outdoor environments, Zane Wave wireless solutions power some of the world’s largest outdoor Wi-Fi deployments serving millions of connected devices.

WiFI Applications

Smart campus networking solutions

Smart Campus uses IoT to link devices, applications, and people to enhance and enable new services while improving operational efficiency.

Wireless networking solutions for small and medium business

Small and medium businesses that increasingly depend on internet connectivity, employee productivity and customer satisfaction require uninterrupted, untethered network access

Public Wi-Fi in smart cities

Smart cities around the world are embracing Wi-Fi technology to enhance citizens lifestyle, increase economic growth and make the city more efficient.

Companies from Dubai, Abu Dhabi struggle with their internal Wi-Fi systems every day.

Well, there are several possible reasons.
1. A faulty initial design and implementation
2. Additions to the wireless network that weren’t done properly
3. A lack of maintenance
4. Aging hardware
5. Changes in the facility – additions/remodeling
Any one of these can be the cause of your frustrations with your internal wireless network.

What Makes our Wireless Networking Solutions The Best

Resolving your wireless network challenges and giving you a seamless experience with your mobile devices on site begins with a thorough wireless network assessment. In this stage, our technicians use assessment tools to survey your entire wireless environment. This assessment will show us what is working, what is not, where the dead spots are – and why. After the initial wireless network assessment, we’ll give you a summary that outlines the problem areas along with a strategy and prices to bring your wireless network up to industry standard.

Getting the Zane Wave team to provide you with a wireless network assessment and taking the recommended remediation steps will:
  • Improve your employees’ interoffice collaboration capability
  • Speed up your internal processes by driving more efficiency
  • Lower your staff’s frustration with the Wi-Fi system