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VSAT Satellite Communication

VSAT systems extend your network and connect you to the business and web-centric applications you need.

IP Data, Internet access, VPNs, Retail, Video, Voice – IP or switched, Distance Learning

DVB-S2, ACM, DOCSIS, Ku-band, Ka-band, C-band

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a two-way satellite ground station or a stabilized maritime VSAT Antenna with a dish antenna.

VSATs are commonly used to transmit narrowband data like for RFID or SCADA applications or broadband data for Satellite Internet Access to remote locations, VOIP or video. VSATs are also used for portable, on-the-move or mobile maritime applications.
Over the years, increasing corporate and individual users are using VSATs to provide dedicated, reliable, cost effective and private communications links. It also provides total system capabilities to support high bandwidth secure data, voice and video communication.
ZANE offers a full range of VSAT Satellite Communications solutions pertaining to our customers’ requirements in Marine Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas explorations, remote Pulp & Paper plants