Key Features:

.  3 keys of Call, Bill, Cancel.

.  100% Water resistant, High intensity LED.

.  Power Supply: DC 12V/23A battery.

.  Expected Battery Life: Approx. 10 months or 3,000 times press.

.  Transmission distance: 200m – 300m in the open air.

.   Size: 60x17mm

.  More than 1000 meters in open file.



Restaurant, kitchen, cafe, teahouse, geracomium, cybercafe, hospital, pet hospital, bead-house, confinement center,  bank, supermarket, cinema, hotel, train station, airport, security check points, fitness center, bowling center, billiard room, sales center, auto 4S shop, exhibition center, factory, logistics, beauty center, hair salon, massage center, game center, casino, KTV, chess and card room, etc.


What are the components of the wireless calling system?
1. Wireless receiver, installed on the count
2. Call button, installed on each table
3. Signal repeater (optional), enhancing the signal

How does the system work?
1. If your customers require service, all they need to do is to press the button sittled on their table to inform the waiters/waitresses.
2. When the customers press the call button on their table, their table number will appear on the receiver with ringing. Waiters /waitresses then head for the table to take the order of the customers promptly and quickly.

What are the benefits of Wireless Calling System?

. Reducing Staff Costs

. Enhancing the Dining Experience

. Greater Front of House Efficiency

. Increased Revenue