Key Features:

  • Can work with 99 pcs 1-Key or 3-Key transmitter in max.
  • Show 2 digit number from 00 to 99.
  • Can indicate different service types.
  • Rolling display last 10 uncancelled calls.
  • The volume is adjustable.
  • Size : 163x248x23mm.



Wireless calling system can be used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, tea house, coffee shops, health clubs, beauty salon, spa center, bars, swimming pool, beach, etc.

What are the components of the wireless calling system?

  • Call button, installed on each table.
  • LED receiver display/ watch type receiver
  • Menu board/base (optional)
  • Signal repeater (optional), enhancing the signal.

How does the system work?

  1. Call Button: When a customer needs extra drink, the bill, or just has a question, they can use our server paging system. Each call button has one key/two keys/three keys (call, Bill and Cancel) which allow the guest to call their server.
  2. LED receiver display/ watch type receiver: When the customers call the waiters by call buttons, the signal will be transferred to the display and the display will show the table number, service type and make sound to remain the waiters.
  3. Signal repeater (for option): If the space of restaurant is big so the signal of call button cannot be received by display, the repeater can enhance the signal.

What are the benefits of Wireless Calling System?

  • Reducing Staff Costs
  • Enhancing the Dining Experience
  • Greater Front of House Efficiency
  • Increased Revenue