ZCOM Long Range Wireless Intercom Phone


Zcom Ultra Long Range Wireless Audio Intercom / Wireless door phone up to 1000 meters communication distance and 100 handset extendable.

• High fidelity audio technology.
• Zero block sound transmission.
• 100 handsets extendable.
• Built-in battery: lithium battery 1500mAh.
• Input voltage: Dc 5V.
• Hand on wall or put on table.
• More than 1000 meters in open file.


• Long range wireless intercom/wireless door phone.
• Zero block sound transmission, high fidelity audio technology.
• 99 handsets extendable.
• Suitable intercom phone for office, home and other places.
• Convenient communication among families and colleagues.
• Wireless audio intercom system can support 100 persons intercommunicating at most.
• Using 433MHz public frequency.
• Air transfer rate : 256K.
• Transmitting Power : <18dBm, Receive Sensitivity : <-100.
• Strong anti-Jamming capability.
• Panel with 10 number buttons, a call button and two indicator lights : Power indicator light (red), operating indicator light (green)
• With coding, Giving code, ID setting functions.
• DC5V, or Li-lion battery power supply, Standby Current : 3.5mA, Work current : 400mA.
• Communication distance: more than 1000 meters in open land.