Senao Networks Dubai | Distribution Partner

Senao Networks is a global leading supplier of enterprise class communication equipment. Senao Networks Inc., with a team of dedicated R&D and manufacturing professionals, focuses on all aspects of communications and networking technologies.

Senao Networks has successfully carried out quality wireless communications products under the Senao and EnGenius brand names.  In addition, Senao Networks has been an ODM/OEM partner to many established as well as startup companies. Based on industry leading designs, we have successfully produced enterprise-class products including Long Range Cordless Phone, Digital Long Range Wireless PABX and PBX Adjunct, Wireless LAN AP/Bridge/Client, Network Switch, VoIP Solutions, as well as various ODM/OEM products.

The secret of success lies on our core competence in key technical areas, resulting in high performance and reliable products, as well as the ability and efficiency in customization for customers’ different applications and demands. Senao Networks Dubai has become the reputation of being the leader in long range, reliable, and affordable wireless communication products over the past 30 years. Senao Networks Dubai has set it course to continue being a front-runner in integrated wireless and wired connectivity products.

Senao Global Deployment

In the past, Senao Networks focused on enterprise class network communication equipment with products covering indoor and outdoor wireless access points, wireless management switches, industrial PCs (IPC), PoE switch, IP cameras, long-range wireless phones, wireless router for home use and so forth.

With the advancement in WLAN technologies, 802.11ac is poised to facilitate the needs for 3rd platforms. Internet of things (IoT) shall become the key factors that propel the next wave of growth for the telecommunication industry. Senao Networks in terms of product planning and development, has already start to improve the compatibility of existing products for various IoT applications in order to achieve solid grasp of existing opportunities and prepare for the future demands.

Senao shall raise the bar of entry for competitors with its technological edge and quality and leverage platform design to make its products more competitive.