Estimated range is result of our test for model ALCON CT 88 SS and match real life performance:

  • Range without line of sight is up to 60 km.
  • Max Range in line of sight is up to 100 km.


ALCON CT 88 transfers your phone lend-line (PSTN), VoIP signal, Fax, GSM Signal, Dial up internet (18-28 kbps) or PBX extension up to 60 km away.

Alcon CT-88 system is our mid-range product, it has double the range than model Alcon CT 7. Kit consists of a base unit, remote unit, 2 external antennas with mounting kits and cables and a touchtone phone.

Base unit is setup on location where the telephone line is, and remote unit for the remote location, so you can use phone line on those two places. It is even possible to connect up to 4 remote units per base to transfer your line to 4 locations, and also have free intercom communication between the base and each remote unit. The remote units have two phone jacks where you can plug in phone, fax or computer modem, and you can use telephone line splitter to connect more units. Basic touchtone telephone is included in kits with the remote unit. Remote and base Units can operate by 12V car battery and it is easy to use with Solar panel + 12V battery without any problem. The standard power supply we use 13.5V 13A