Key Features:

  • Hands-free two-way talkback full automaticity, mike inside the substation.
  • Microcomputer controlled circuit with squelch function can thoroughly solve echo and squeal problems.
  • Adopt high-powered mic, elegant appearance, and the voice is lifelike and clear.
  • Easy installation, there is only one wire connection for master station and substation.
  • Volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately.
  • With recorder jack, can output both route’s sound and signal.



Window Intercom allows clear communications between staff and customers in any places where security glass has been installed. Designed for being used in the areas where ticket counters or service windows are installed.

Applications: banks, hospitals, post office, stadiums, toll station, railway stations, theaters, etc.

Product Description:

  • With full metal shell, elegant, aesthetic.
  • Desk-mounted base station with condenser goose-neck microphone
  • The substation of the window intercom kits is thin and compact, while the appearance is handsome.
  • Hands-free two-way talkback with automaticity.
  • Microcomputer controlled circuit thoroughly avoid echo and squeal problem.
  • Adopts high-powered mic, elegant appearance, voice is lifelike, clear.
  • The volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately.
  • Easy installation, there is only one wire for connecting master station and substation.
  • Has output for recording, can external connect record equipment.
  • Widely used in any window internal/external intercom.
  • Substation does not require power (gets its power from master station).

Technical Parameter:

  • Working voltage: 16V
  • Working current: 300mA
  • Work environment term: -10oC~60oC
  • Size of Master Station: 122x105x38mm
  • Size of Substation: 65x20mm